Industries of Hyderabad and relocation needs offered by them

Industries of Hyderabad and relocation needs offered by them

A quick glance of past commercial activities:

Since its inception the city of Hyderabad is called as the “City of Pearls” for the reason of availability of that gem stones and extensive trading of the same along with other gems and jewelleries. While the importance and the intrinsic value of the city in terms of art and culture was to the maximum in the mid of 19th century due to the migration of such skilled artists and able persons to the city from other parts of the country where the importance of Mughal Empire was on a decline. Therefore the commerce of the city was dominant in terms of art, architecture and traditional dress making activities.

Inception of industries:

The history of so called industries, where actual production of goods happened in a large scale, commenced after formation of the city as a Princely state of British India. The Nizams was given the ruling power though the supreme power was vested with the British. During their period various industries emerged after construction of railways in the year 1880, and separate power plant for electricity, the industrialization of the city began on the borders of Hussain Sagar Lake.

Infrastructure Development of the city that attracted more industries:

Even before the Independence of the country, the city was transformed into a modern city in the early 20th century, with the establishment of proper transportation services and modes, drinking water, electricity, telecommunications, universities etc. that lead to the formation of still more modern industries.

Condition of industries in present situation:

Today the development of industries of the city of Hyderabad is phenomenal that there exist industries that focus on traditional business and the manufacturing of modern goods and services, while the traditional business is been dominated by the Muslim population of the city of Hyderabad and the modern business is dominated by the MNCs and huge Indian corporates.

The existence of modern industries are such large that government themselves restrict few of such operations by declining their license to operate in the city and even closing down such operations for the reasons of space occupying, pollution emitting etc and at the same time encourage establishment of such new industries that are with those advantages of pollution free and lesser space occupancy for which very reason service sectors are boosted up.

Relocation needs offered by the industries and their solutions:

As today both the type of industries co-exists, the relocation needs for both type of commercial relocation also exist in the city.

Small and medium scale industries:

While the small and medium scale businessmen would require such relocation services for the movement of

  • Raw materials for which partial service of only transportation is hired
  • Semi-finished goods for which partial service of packing and transportation is hired
  • Finished goods for which complete service that includes all the tasks is hired

Large scale industries:

The dominance of service companies in the large scale industry exists in the city for which the employees form the main source of relocation needs hence they hire the complete service of packers and movers Hyderabad for the reason that it provides the following benefits

  • Saves time of the customer by executing all the tasks by themselves
  • Renders sufficient efforts from the servicemen to perform the tasks
  • Assures safety to the goods by the execution of sequential tasks of relocation
  • Provides solution for documentation formalities
  • Relives the pressure and tension of the customer from the problem of lack of knowledge and experience of the destination and the tasks
Industries of Hyderabad and relocation needs offered by them
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